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A reliable and accurate thicknesser is very important

A reliable and accurate thicknesser is a very important machine in any modern joinery shop. With much research and comparison we have recently replaced our faithful old Casdaei machine with a brand new top of the range Felder Format 4 Exact 63.

This machine  takes things onto a new level in terms of finish and precision with a quiet and energy efficient multi blade spiral cutter block and fully automatic and precise thickness setting from 3mm up to a whopping 300mm maximum and all to a full width of 630mm with a 10mm maximum cut in one pass!!!! (Well we are impressed anyway).

We have also placed the order for Alphacam software. This will  enhance the capacity and capability of our Maka PE 70 5 Axis Router. With this in place we will have a more flexible and cost effective solution to many complex and simple machining jobs which are ideally suited to the router. If we haven’t been able to help you in the past please try us again in the future as this software significantly simplifies programming saving us time and you money. We hope to have this up and running by late September or early October.

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